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Discover your Talents / Stand on the path to your Fulfillment (basic program)


What will your receive?

  • Comprehensive research with GALLUP Institute methodology
  • A personalized report describing your Top5 Talents, created in polish language version
  • 1/4 coaching session/s with Strengths Coach/Trainer

Guaranteed Results

  • you will discover your 5 natural talents
  • you will be able to name, understand and acquire your Talents
  • you will find out your natural ways of thinking, feeling and behaving


What are my experiences with discoveries of my Talents and Fulfillment?
My dear! I recommend everyone the test to discover your Talents! It has changed my life – I know it can change yours. The question is if you can find the courage to get know yourself, face your Strengths and learn to use them? I have found it. Take your life in your hands! I really recommend it! the workshops are very professional! For sure I will participate in other workshops that are in TaisaLaudy&Co. offer.Sylwia


Wow, wow wow! That’s all I can say! I know many of the diagnostic tools, Strengths Coaches, and their knowledge are way above wildest expectations! I love it! Liliana


Mega-super-duper session! GALLUP tests and girls open eyes on the way you should use the test! Highly recommend it! Eugene


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