You are the person who forms your child’s future.

As you talk with him about his strongest sides, you impact on him.


Your child is one and only

  • He will understand his natural Talents and learn easy ways to use his predispositions in everyday life.
  • He will understand how to use the Talents to transform them into Strengths and achieve successes now and in the future.
  • He will receive a tool to build his own confidence based on the real skills
  • He will find out his 5 natural talents and learn how to work with them to transform them into Strengths.
  • He will receive a tool to build his own confidence basing on the real skills.
  • He will understand his own natural way of seeing the world – schemes of thinking, feeling and behaving.
  • He will find out the directions of self-development consistent with his personality.
  • He will build his own career path based on his Strengths.
       Benefits for parents:
  • You will understand that your child is unique and why you should focus on his Strengths.
  • You will learn his way thinking, feeling, and behaving.
  • You will discover the effective methods of supporting his development.
  • You will identify the fields in which your child’s talents can be useful.
      The process in 4 steps
  1. The recognition of your child’s need.
  2. Passage of proper research.
  3. Receiving the personalized report.
  4. The sessions with Strengths Coach/Trainer.

What others say about us?

The workshops were really useful. We have seen the value of our kids a long time ago, but now we opened our eyes wider and we know how to work with their talents. We recommend this program to other schools!

Jolanta Trela, the Principal of Primary School in Spytkowo

I understand the way my son sees the world – our communication is very simple now!

Hanna, mum of 14-years-old Maurycy

What was Mikołaj’s impression after the session with Strengths Coach? The big proud, joy and the feel of importance. He is able to see how unique he is, understand his talents and how to use them. What does it give us in practice? Knowledge about talents changes not only the person, which the research was about but as well the relation with his closest people. We, as the parents, being sure that in our family we have a leader, who gets what he wants, stopped imposing on him a lot of things (including the school profile). It calmed him and us. He decided on his own that he wants to go into business and that is his high school profile. I have a younger daughter who cannot wait to start the test. I recommend this gift to every child. The entrance into the mature life with the knowledge of the fields we are unique at and in which direction we can develop ourselves is priceless at the stage of forming our self-confidence.

Anna K.

– I have understood how my son sees the world. Since then our communication has become very simple. My son has started to be more confident, open. I can see that he grows every day.

– I have realized that my son has his own order and hierarchy of things and that impositions and prohibitions are fruitless and close our communication. Now I can focus on presents the goals which are important to me, what I expect. I motivate, but the way to the solution and the deadlines are done.

Hanna and Mariusz T.

Everything I have done on the field I has always felt good, turned out to be my Talents. What do I think are the profits of the knowledge of my Strengths? I can use them intentionally! Sometimes you can feel good with something and as you know what it is, you can use it as much as possible!

Michał (19.)

What will you receive?

      Comprehensive research with GALLUP Institute methodology

You’ll find out what your Talents are and understand how do they work.

Zostań Trenerem Mocnych Stron™ (ankieta)      A report in which you will find out what are the strongest Talents of your child.

It contains a description of the area of natural abilities you kid possesses.

Zostań Trenerem Mocnych Stron™ (mentoring)    A coaching sessions with Strengths Coach/Trainer.

The session include an individual talk with a child and after a discussion with parents about the child’s Talents.

Zostań Trenerem Mocnych Stron™ (osiaganie)      The communication strategy

Strategy which helps you in understanding how to lead your child in harmony with his natural predispositions.

Your child is one and only

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