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1. The recognition of your individual need

The first step is to talk about your needs. What would you like to achieve? What more would you like to know about yourself? What is your goal? We want to guide you to find the answers you are looking for.

2. Passage of proper research

The Clifton StrengthsFinder research contains 177 questions. It is available in 19 languages (among others Polish, English, French, German) and takes around 45 minutes. You can take it at home, online or visit us in our office and do it with help of our consultant. There are 20 seconds for each answer. If you are dyslecic, you need to report it before you can start.

3. Receiving the personalized report

After the research, you will receive the personalized report that contains your top 5 natural talents as well as the action plan which will help you use those talents in your everyday life. The chance that there is another person with the same set of Talents as you is 1:33 million! This set is just like your fingerprints.

4. The sessions with Strengths Coach/Trainer

The goal of the coaching sessions is to make you aware of your Talents and how they work in your life. You will understand how certain Talents interact with each other and effect on your way of thinking, behaviour and decision making. Depends on the programme you will gain the knowledge and tools that will help you use your Talents and achieve fulfillment.

What they say about us

What will you receive

Comprehensive research with GALLUP Institute methodology

A personalized report describing your Top5 Talents, created in polish language version

Coaching sessions with Strengths Coach/Trainer

You have unique Talents!

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