Izabela Antosiewicz

GeniusFormulaTM Coach / Trainer

Responsibility / Adaptability /
Positivity / Relator /

Anna Pomorska

GeniusFormulaTM Coach / Trainer

Futuristic / Connectedness /
Individualization / Restorative /

Anna Chorowiec

GeniusFormulaTM Coach / Trainer

Empathy / Developer /
Adaptability / Positivity /

Małgorzata Michalak-Rydzel

GeniusFormulaTM Coach / Trainer

Relator / Achiever /
Belief / Responsibility /

Hanna Twardowska-Machnio

GeniusFormulaTM Coach / Trainer

Input / Developer /
Individualization / Achiever /

Sylwia Kijas

GeniusFormulaTM Coach / Trainer

Relator / Strategic /
Includer / Maximizer /

Our Mission:

We bring Millions to Fulfillment through a discovery of their Talents; From awakening to enlightenment.

Would you like to change the world?

Agnieszka Borys-Gajda

Strengths Coach / Trainer

Maximizer / Relator /
Empathy / Developer /

Mieczysław Dutkowski

Strengths Coach / Trainer

Adaptability / Responsibility /
Communication / Includer /

Regina Skorupska-Zep

Strengths Coach / Trainer

Individualization / Developer /
Communication / Woo /

Aneta Dominiak-Gnojnicka

Strengths Coach / Trainer

Input / Individualization /
Developer / Belief /

Lilianna Żuchowicz

Strengths Coach / Trainer

Individualization / Relator /
Deliberative / Focus /

Our Values

We take care of family and spiritual values

We work only on week days. Saturdays and Sundays are days, which we spend with our families, spirit, and faith. We take care of these Values. We believe that we can achieve success only when we are keeping our priorities. 5 work days in a week are enough to achieve our goals related to professional growth and career. We trust that the opportunities and possibilities will come to us at a time when we would not need to break our Values.

We stay in our flow

Being in flow is our natural state – it is the state in which we feel a great connection with the source higher than ourselves. We accept and react to everything that we receive in the day. Our goal is to learn how to recognize this state and then to stay in it and use it every day.

We are the best version of ourselves. Everyday.

We know our Strengths and we use them all the time. Every day we ask ourselves the question: “Did I spend this day maximally using my potential and give the best of me?”. We teach our Customers and we take care of developing ourselves.

In our job, we use the Strategy of Spreading™

We concentrate on the process, not on the results. Taking this attitude, we achieve fulfillment. Our own daily activities and methods lead us to perfection. Through the use of our Strengths, we improve the individual achievement process, the work with the customer, selling, presentation, knowledge sharing etc.

We are ethical

We do not break the rules of ethics. Trust is a fundamental value in our work with the customer and the development of our business. We are subject to coaching/consulting confidentiality. We keep in secret everything our customers share with us on coaching sessions – we do not have the right to tell it to the third persons. At most, it applies to mentioning names, Talents and any other information about the customers without their permission. the case of mentoring process is the exception, as the coach is authorized to look into the result of the someone else’s customer’s test.

we are responsible

We take the full responsibility for our words, promises, and actions. Always and everywhere – at work and at home. To our customers and to ourselves.

We are consistent

We are people of word, action, and mind. Everything we say, think and do is oneness. We keep consistent with our inner world and the one we represent outside.

Would you like to change the world?