You were created to live in fulfillment and joy. You carry a light in yourself. That light is able to light up your life and the lives of everybody around you.

Taisja Laudy


Life mission:

Bring Millions to Fulfillment

Taisja is an extraordinary woman who helps others to find their own lighthouses in a mysterious ocean. She is the Strategic of Fulfillment and the Visioner, a founder of international company TLnC Global – GALLUP Certified Global Strengths Coaching/Consultancy. The Creator of GeniusFormula™, which uses whatever you are the best of, to lead you to a discovery of your own Calling. The woman with an astonishing gift of speech and transmission of God’s Wisdom. She was created to serve others and help them in finding their own inner peace.
In her private life, Taisja is a happy wife and a mother of two magnificent kids. So far lived in nine countries from Siberia in Russia to New Zealand. Speaks 5 languages.


To teach people to live at the highest possible level of existence, which provides them with a life of abundance, joy, health and love – in everything we are created for.

Spiritual Gifts
  • Faith
  • Prophesy
  • Discernment
  • Wisdom
  • Leadership
Motivational Talents
  • Learner
  • Command
  • Connectedness
  • Responsibility
  • Strategic

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